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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (Film)

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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (Film)

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is a 1988 independently-released horror film and the fourth installment in the Halloween series. The film revolves around Michael Myers once more after his absence in Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Directed by Dwight H. Little, the film stars Ellie Cornell as Rachel Carruthers, Donald Pleasence as Dr. Loomis, Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd, and George P. Wilbur as Michael Myers. The central plot focuses on Michael Myers 10 years after his 1978 killing spree in Haddonfield, Illinois. It is revealed that he is comatose and barely alive at the Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium, and his sister Laurie Strode has been killed in a car accident. While Michael is being transferred to Smith's Grove, he escapes and goes to Haddonfield where he attempts to kill his niece Jamie Lloyd—revealed to be Laurie's daughter.

As the title suggests, Halloween 4 marks the return of Michael Myers, the central villain of Halloween and Halloween II, due to his absence in Halloween III. Initially, John Carpenter and co-producer Debra Hill retired the Myers plot outline after the second installment of the series, intending to feature a new Halloween-related film every sequel, of which Halloween III would be the first. However, due to the large unsuccess of the third film, Halloween 4 re-introduced a Michael Myers related plot.


Ten years ago, on the night of October 31st, a small midwestern town fell victim to an escaped killer. Under the cover of darkness, he carried out the most horrifying mass murder on record. Sixteen people in cold blood. Ever since that night, no one has forgotten his name ...and Halloween has never been the same.

Michael Myers has been in a coma for ten years, when his massacre was stopped by Dr. Samuel J. Loomis and Laurie Strode. At the beginning of this film, Myers is being transferred from Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium to Smith's Grove Sanitarium. He awakens when he hears that Laurie Strode, his sister, is deceased, but her daughter, Jamie Lloyd is alive and well in Haddonfield. He kills the ambulance crew and escapes. Dr. Loomis races to Haddonfield in an attempt to bring Myers' killing spree to an end once and for all.

In Haddonfield, his niece Jamie Lloyd, has been adopted by the Carruthers family. She has frequent nightmares about Michael, though she does not know who he is. On Halloween night, Jamie goes out trick-or-treating dressed as a clown (a costume that is very similar to the one worn by young Michael Myers at the beginning of the first Halloween film) with her teenage foster sister Rachel Carruthers (played by Ellie Cornell). Her uncle, Michael, follows them.

Meanwhile, Loomis, having severe facial and bodily scars from burns he received attempting to kill Michael at the end of Halloween II, arrives in Haddonfield after an exhausting journey, and contacts the police department to inform them of Myers' escape. He and Haddonfield's new Sheriff Ben Meeker (played by Beau Starr) begin to search the town for Michael and Jamie. Myers has also blacked out the town's electricity by throwing a technician onto a electrical box and singlehandedly annihilated the entire police force. The girls barricade themselves in the Sheriff's house,while awaiting the arrival of the state police where Michael follows them. Michael kills the sheriff's daughter Kelly by impaling her with the dead deputy's shotgun, and he kills Rachel's boyfriend Brady by crushing his cheek bones. Jamie and Rachel escape onto the roof, where Rachel tries to lower Jamie down the chimney, but Myers almost stabs Rachel and she falls off the roof, but hangs onto the rain gutter. When Michael swipes at her with the knife she loses her grip and falls off the roof. Jamie gets down and pleads for Rachel not to be dead. She sees Myers and runs off screaming for help and encounters Loomis. They break into the school, but somehow Myers gets in as well. Myers throws Loomis through a window. Jamie looks around the school for help. She sees Myers again but falls down the stairs and she cannot get up. Myers slowly walks down the stairs to murder his niece. But Rachel is still alive and sprays Michael with the fire extinguisher. They escape and leave Haddonfield but Myers hides in the back of the truck that they use to escape. He murders the men who drive the trucks which forces Rachel to drive. She manages to throw Michael off the truck then she runs him down. The state police catch up to them and shoot Michael relentlessly. He falls into an abandoned mine shaft which collapses on him.

Back at the Carruthers house, Jamie puts on her clown mask and stabs her foster mother. It turns out that she was possessed by Myers' rage by touching his hand. Dr. Loomis attempts to shoot her but Sheriff Meeker prevents it. The film ends with a shot of Jamie, wearing the clown mask, holding bloody scissors. This shot is very similar to the shot near the beginning of the original Halloween, where young Michael Myers is seen holding a bloody knife after killing his older sister, Judith.


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