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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (Film)

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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (Film)

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday is a 1993 slasher film, and the ninth installment in the Friday the 13th film series and the first sequel to be distributed by New Line Cinema.

Much like the earlier installment, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, the film sports a misleading title due to being followed (as of 2009) by three films.


Through unexplained resurrection, the undead serial killer Jason Voorhees is back at Crystal Lake and on the hunt again, but this time the brutal killer is on the wrong end of an FBI sting. As he's about to kill a woman (undercover FBI agent Elizabeth Marcus), the FBI springs a trap. After gunning him down, they launch an explosive, and Jason gets blown to pieces. His grisly remains are sent to a morgue, where the coroner (Richard Gant) is hypnotized by Jason's beating black heart and begins to eat it, causing himself to be possessed by the demonic spirit of Jason. He then proceeds to kill the Coroner's Assistant and a pair of FBI agents.

As the dark spirit jumps from host to host via a demonic, snake-like creature, it is revealed by bounty hunter Creighton Duke that as through a Voorhees was Jason born, so too through one can he be reborn, and that only by the hands of another member of the Voorhees family can Jason finally be destroyed. This means that only members of his bloodline can kill him and he'll return to life if he's killed by someone outside of his family. The only relatives of Jason are his half-sister Diana Kimble (Erin Gray), her daughter Jessica (Kari Keegan), and Stephanie, the infant daughter of Jessica and the main protagonist Steven Freeman (John D. LeMay).

Jason kidnaps policeman Josh (Andrew Bloch) after killing three campers and his wife Edna, and takes him to the Voorhees house, where he shaves Josh and transfers his heart into his body. Jason makes his way to Diana's house. Diana shoots Jason in the head, but it is no use. Steven, having been asked to meet Diana at the house, bursts in and stabs Jason with a fireplace poker. Diana is killed with a knife sharpener and Jason escapes. Steven is falsely accused and arrested for Diana's murder. Duke reveals Jessica, the baby's mother and Steven's ex-girlfriend's relation to Jason, and Jason possessing anyone to get to Jessica or Stephanie. Steven escapes from jail, with the reluctant help of Officer Randy Parker (Kipp Marcus), a friend of Steven's.

Meanwhile, Jessica is dating American Casefiles reporter Robert Campbell (Steven Culp). Steven goes to the Voorhees house, but falls through rotten boards. Robert comes inside the upstairs room, and reveals his plans to "spice up" Jason's unknown return from death with his theft of Diana's body from the morgue, also boasting about having sex with Jessica, telling his partner "I stole Diana's body from the morgue and then went home and fucked her daughter." Jason bursts in and transfers his heart into Robert. Josh, due to being possessed by Jason, melts into a puddle of flesh and blood. Jason leaves, with Steven in pursuit. Jason attempts to be reborn through Jessica at her mother's house, but is disrupted by Steven, who hits him and takes Jessica into his car. Steven runs over Jason, but obviously does no damage, other than to Robert's body. Jessica does not believe Steven and throws him out of the car. Jessica makes it to the police station, where she is dressed and comforted by Ed Landis, the town's sheriff and her mother's boyfriend, and the other cops present. Steven is told of Jessica's location and asks Randy to arrest him after a scuffle and gun draw between the two.

Jason barges into the station, throws Officer Landis, and kills three others, two of them by head bashing. Steven and Jessica, Jessica now believing Steven and Duke's story, run to Joey B. (Rusty Schwimmer)'s diner to grab the baby, but are held at gunpoint by Joey, who still believes Steven to be guilty of Diana's murder. Duke, in the meantime has escaped and takes the baby from the back of the greasy spoon. Jason kills Joey's son Ward, and comes into the diner. One innocent patron is killed, accidentally shot by Vicki when trying to shoot Robert. Joey's husband and cook, Shelby (Leslie Jordan) attempts to kill Jason by shooting him, as do Joey and Jessica's waitress friend Vicki (Allison Smith) with guns. Shelby is scalded to death in a fat-fryer by Jason. Joey hits him on the back, and in return Jason elbows her in the face, literally bashing her face in and knocking a dent in her mouth. Vicki seemingly manages to defeat Jason with a barbecue skewer; Jason is not dead, however, and kills Vickie with the barbecue skewer.

Jessica meets up with Duke at the Voorhees house, who is holding her baby. An unseen officer makes his way into the diner, discovering the bodies, except for Robert's, which (possessed) leaps from the closet, and transfers his heart into the unseen officer's body (offscreen). Duke falls through the floor, and Jessica is confronted by Landis and Randy, who both survived, but one of them is possessed. Landis accidentally stabs himself with the magic dagger, which can be used by a Voorhees woman to send Jason to Hell and Jessica drops the dagger. Randy, being the officer possessed, attempts to be reborn through Stephanie, but Randy's neck is severed with a machete by Steven. Jason's heart, which has now grown into a demonic infant, crawls out of Randy's neck, and makes its way into the basement, where it crawls into Diana's dead ovaries. Jason is reborn (complete with worksuit and hockey mask) and kills Duke, by crushing his back in a bearhug. Steven fights Jason, and Jason is stabbed by Jessica and pulled by giant demon hands into Hell.

The film ends with Steven and Jessica kissing and mending their relationship, along with baby walking into the sunrise, and after Jason is defeated, Freddy Krueger's clawed glove grabs Jason's mask, and takes it to Hell.


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