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Jason X (Film)

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Jason X (Film)

Jason X is a 2002 science fiction / slasher film, and the tenth in the Friday the 13th film series, starring Kane Hodder as the undead mass murderer Jason Voorhees. The film made $16,951,798 worldwide with a $14,000,000 budget.

The film was conceived during a staff meeting when a writer suggested sending Jason into space as means of moving the franchise ahead while Freddy vs. Jason was still stuck in development hell. Jason X is set in the future (the opening scene being set in at least 2010, and Jason revealed as having been held captive since 2008) so as not to confuse the continuity of the series.


In 2008, Jason Voorhees is captured by the U.S. government. Rowan (Lexa Doig), a government researcher, leads several unsuccessful attempts to execute him. In 2010, she decides to place him in cryogenic suspension to neutralize him. Unfortunately, the government has other plans, hoping to profit from research into Jason's rapid cellular regeneration. Jason escapes while being moved and kills seven soldiers. Rowan manages to lure him into the cryonic chamber and activates it. However, Jason manages to stab her through the door, both wounding her and freezing them both inside the sealed room.

In the year 2455, Earth has become too polluted to support life and humanity has moved to a new planet, Earth Two. Five students on a field trip led by Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts) enter the facility and find Jason and Rowan. They take them back to their spacecraft and reanimate Rowan. She is brought clothes to wear. Jason is deemed deceased and left in the morgue. During a call to his financial backer, Professor Lowe explains that he had hoped to exploit Rowan's status as the oldest person revived from cryostasus for profit, as he is in serious debt. The man dismisses this, but notes that Voorhees' body could be worth a substantial amount to a collector.

In the morgue, the ice on Jason begins to thaw. As two teenagers named Stony (Yani Gellman) and Kinsa (Melody Johnson) have sex and the sequence of it makes Jason get reanimated. Jason comes back to life and kills Lowe's intern, Adrienne (Kristi Angus) by sticking her head in cryogenites and smashing it against a table nearby. Having been relieved of his machete, he takes a similarly-shaped surgical tool and moves on to kill another student and Stony in front of Kinsa. Professor Lowe, Rowan, and his students are sent to one of the ship's laboratories while the ship's contingent of soldiers attempts to kill Jason, in spite of Lowe's insistence that Jason be taken alive. All six of them are apparently killed, plus one student. Jason then kills the ship's pilot on its docking approach to a space station. The ship crashes through the space station, destroying it and one of the vessel's two pontoon sections. Jason then breaks into the lab and confronts Lowe while the students run away. The professor attempts to interest Jason in financial possibilities. When that fails, Lowe returns Jason's machete, hoping to earn his trust. Reasoning with Jason is not a good plan, as he kills Lowe anyway.

With the ship badly damaged, Rowan and remaining students head for the vessel's shuttle. As the shuttle is being prepped, Jason intercepts them. The student Kinsa left on board has a panic attack and attempts to launch the shuttle without releasing the docking clamps, causing it to immolate itself on the ship's hull. When it seems as if there's no escape, Sgt. Brodski (Peter Mensah), the leader of the soldiers, attacks Jason by surprise. He is easily overpowered, but another student has upgraded an android, Kay-Em 14 (Lisa Ryder), with an array of weapons and matching combat skills. She easily fights Jason off and apparently kills him, blasting off a portion of his head, his right arm, his left leg, and a portion of his right chest.

The survivors send out a distress call and receive a reply from a patrol shuttle. As it is nearly an hour out and the ship will explode by then, the survivors begin setting explosive charges to separate the remaining pontoon from the main drive section. As they work, Jason, having been knocked into a nanotechnology-equipped medical station during his battle with Kay-Em 14, is brought back to life by the damaged computer. Furthermore, since much of his biological tissue is missing, the computer rebuilds him as an even more powerful cyborg. Kay-Em 14 is now no match for Uber Jason, and is decapitated (her head, however, remains functional despite the separation). Jason is about to kill one student, but Rowan grabs his machete, but Jason grabs her neck and begins to strangle her, but another student stops Jason from strangling Rowan and sacrifices himself by setting off the explosive charges while Rowan and the others escape.

The explosives do not stop Uber Jason, instead propelling him through space to the pontoon. He punches through the hull, sucking out one of the students. As the shuttle prepares to dock, a power failure in the docking clamps forces Brodski to go EVA to fix it. A simulation of Crystal Lake is used to distract Uber Jason as Brodski works. Uber Jason manages to see through the deception just as the docking clamp is fixed, and Brodski confronts Uber Jason so the others can escape. As the shuttle leaves, the pontoon explodes, again propelling Uber Jason at high-speed towards the survivors. Brodski intercepts Uber Jason in mid-flight, using his jetpack to maneuver them both into the atmosphere of Earth Two, apparently killing both by the heat of reentry.

In the final scene, two teens beside a forest lake set off to find where the "falling star" landed; Uber Jason's half melted mask is shown sinking to the bottom of the lake.


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