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Final Destination 1 (2000 Film)

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Final Destination (2000 Film)

Final Destination is a 2000 supernatural thriller, about a group of teenagers who cheat death by avoiding a plane crash when one of them, Alex, has a premonition of their deaths. Soon after their escape, they begin dying one-by-one in mysterious freak accidents.The script was originally written by Jeffrey Reddick as a spec script for the X-Files. (Director James Wong worked as a writer, producer and director on that series.) The story shares similarities with an episode of The Twilight Zone titled "Twenty-Two". The film is distributed by New Line Cinema. The DVD was released on September 26, 2000.The film was the first in the Final Destination series, which has since produced three sequels and a series of books.

Final Destination takes place on Long Island.Locations such as Jones Beach and John F. Kennedy International Airport are shown. Nassau County is mentioned. However, Vancouver International Airport stood in for JFK.


Alex (portrayed by Devon Sawa) is going on a school-run trip to Paris with his fellow peers. Before take-off, Alex has a premonition that his flight explodes in mid-air, killing everybody. Alex then wakes up, assuming the events to be just a dream. However, as events from his vision begin to repeat themselves in reality, Alex panics and attempts to stop the flight. The resulting commotion leads to a handful of passengers being left behind (Alex, Tod Wagner, Mrs Valerie Lewton, Clear Rivers, Carter Horton, Terri Chaney, Billy Hitchcock). As they witness the explosion from the terminal, they realize that what Alex witnessed wasn’t just a dream. Two detectives (Agent Shreck and Agent Weine) begin to interview the survivors, convinced that Alex caused the plane explosion. The other survivors (excluding Tod and Clear) seem to also believe this.

The next day, Alex goes to Clear's house to ask her why she was at Tod's place the previous night. She explains that, although she didn't have a premoniton on the night of the plane explosion like he did, she felt what he felt. The two sneak into the mortuary to see Tod's body, and are confronted by Bludworth, the mortician. He explains that Tod tried to pull on the wire, dismissing theories of a suicide, but states that "in Death, there are no accidents, no mishaps, and no escapes". Spooked by Bludworth, Alex and Clear leave, and as they are going out the door, Bludworth chillingly says "I'll see you soon".

Alex is now sure that Tod's death was neither suicide or an accident. He believes that, as they cheated Death, the survivors of the Flight 180 explosion are now being hunted down by Death itself. Clear refuses to believe his claims. Alex then sees a reflection of a bus in a shop window, but as he looks round to the road, there is no bus in site. As Carter and Terri arrive, Carter begins a fight with Alex, prompting Terri to dump Carter and walk out into the road, where she is hit by a bus and killed instantly.

Soon, the whole kitchen becomes alight. Lewton falls to the ground, and reaches for a towel (forgetting that she earlier carelessly placed it atop some knives). As she grabs it, the knives fall, and one stabs her in the chest. Alex finally arrives, but the kitchen is rocked by a small explosion, causing a chair to fall on the knife, plunging it further into Lewton's body, killing her. Alex grabs the knife and pulls it from her body, but then realizes that his prints will now be on the knife, and flees, just as the whole house explodes in a ball of fire, witnessed by Billy.

A lightning storm causes chaos at Clear's house, and makes all electrical appliances go haywire. Clear gets in her car to flee, but becomes trapped by electrified tires. Alex arrives, just as Clear's car goes up in flames, then decides that, to save her, he must sacrifice himself. He grabs the tires, giving Clear time to get out of the car, which then explodes, forcing Alex backwards. Clear runs over to the seemingly-dead Alex, as Shreck and Weine arrive, and the screen fades to white.

A year later, Alex (who has survived his injuries), Clear and Carter get off a plane together, finally in Paris. Carter states that Alex was right all along, and that he can't believe that he, Alex and Clear are having a drink together, seemingly putting his differences with Alex behind him. Alex, however, is haunted by apparent sinister omens, and tells Clear and Carter that he still doesn't think it's over, frustrating them. He gets up to go to his hotel room, as Clear sees an image of a bus in a window (as Alex did earlier), and screams out his name, prompting him to step back off the road. As he does, a bus speeds past (just missing him) and crashes, causing a pole to propell into the air and cause a large sign to fall. The sign hurtles towards Alex, who is pulled out of the way by Carter. Alex states that Death just skipped him, as he was saved, leaving Carter to question, "So who's next?". The sign falls towards Carter, and the screen goes black, signalling Carter's death, and the end of the film.

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