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Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (Film)

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Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (Film)

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning is a 1985 slasher film. It was released on March 22, 1985. It is the fifth film in the Friday the 13th film series. Despite the previous film claiming to be the "final chapter," this installment set out to live up to its title by being a "new beginning" for the franchise. However, these plans fell through when the film was greeted with backlash from fans who felt deceived and betrayed by the film's twist ending.


After years of being shuffled around various mental institutions, Tommy Jarvis has now been placed in the Pinehurst halfway house, one that is unique because it runs off an honor system. It is not made clear what happened to Tommy's sister, Trish following the events of the previous film, but its presumed she has since died.

Shortly after arriving, one of the patients attacks another patient named Joey with an axe and is arrested. Paramedics and sheriff officers arrive. As the paramedics work to "clean up the mess", jokes are made about the murder which apparently angers one of the paramedics. That night, Pete is murdered while waiting for Lana to finish work. Lana is slain shortly afterward.

The following day, Eddie and Tina run off into the woods and are killed. Pam then takes Reggie to see his brother Demon. During this visit, Tommy gets into a fight with Junior. Shortly after Reggie leaves, Anita is killed when her throat is slit and Demon is speared. Junior goes home crying, and while recklessly riding his motorcycle around the yard, he's beheaded. A person resembling the deformed serial murderer Jason Voorhees kills Ethel by chopping her through a window, with a meat cleaver leaving her face down in a pot of stew.

Soon, Pam and Reggie return and Pam sends Reggie off to bed then leaves to look for Matt. After Reggie falls asleep, while Jake and Robin are watching a movie, Jake tries to tell Robin that he likes her but gets nowhere; he heads upstairs and is killed with a meat cleaver to the face. Shortly after, Robin heads upstairs to go to bed and is stabbed from underneath, very shortly after discovering Jake's corpse in her bed. Violet, who couldn't hear anything because of her blaring music while she is dancing, is choked and stabbed in the stomach. Reggie wakes up and begins to try and determine if anyone is in the house. Instead, he finds a stack of bodies; Pam comes back and hears Reggie screaming. She then sees Jake, Robin, and Violet's dead bodies.

The killer chases the survivors into the upper level of the barn. Just as the killer is about to find them, Tommy comes in and attacks him. Unfortunately, he is slashed across his abdomen by the killer. The killer turns his attention back to finding the survivors. Just as he is about to kill them, Tommy recovers and knocks the killer out of upper level of the barn. the killer lands on a piece of farm equipment covered in steel spikes. As they look down at the body (with the hockey masked knocked off), they realize that the killer is not really Jason, but is actually Roy Burns, whom the Sheriff describes as a loner. He was the paramedic who arrived on the scene to see his son Joey all hacked to pieces. He had been using Jason's M.O. and identity to avenge the death of his son who was killed earlier at the halfway house. It is also revealed that Roy ran off after his wife died giving birth to their son. The final scene of this movie takes place in the hospital with Pam, the halfway house director, visiting Tommy as he recuperates.

Tommy appears to be having delusions of Jason, and attacks Pam. Tommy then suddenly wakes up in his hospital bed, the previous attack having been a dream. He then walks to a dresser in the room, and pulls out a hockey mask. Pam then walks into Tommy's room to find Tommy gone, with the window smashed open, making it appear as though Tommy has run away. However, as the door closes behind Pam, Tommy is revealed, wearing the hockey mask, preparing to attack Pam, once again leaving the impression that Tommy will become a killer like Jason.


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