Friday, April 10, 2009

Boogeyman 2 (Film)

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Boogeyman 2
is a horror film directed by Jeff Betancourt and starring Danielle Savre, and is the sequel to the 2005 film Boogeyman. The film was released Direct-to-DVD on January 8, 2008.


Differing from the original Boogeyman film’s scotophobic plot, Boogeyman 2 focuses on a young woman with a more defined fear; that of the boogeyman himself (bogyphobia). The story is about a young woman named Laura Porter (Danielle Savre) with a life-long phobia of a supernatural boogeyman, in this case a demon that lives in her closet and springs out at night to attack her. When her brother Henry and she were children they saw a man killing their parents and believed him to be the boogeyman.

Trying to face up to her terror and get some help, she voluntarily checks herself into a mental health facility run by Dr. Allen, under the care of Dr. Jessica Ryan (Renée O'Connor) with the hope of conquering her overwhelming fears. Her brother had just left the facility, seemed to be cured and was on his way to get a new job. Nevertheless, she discovers that some things are terrifying for a reason and confronting her demons was not the best course of action because it brought back the titular demon.

Laura gets herself comfortable in her new room before meeting the others: Mark, a scotophobic; Paul, a mysophobic; Gloria, the receptionist; Alison, a cutter; Darren, who is scared of the outside world; Dr. Ryan, scared of being schizophrenic like her mother; and Nicky, who is afraid of putting on weight. When night falls and the building goes into the mandatory lock-down, they are one by one mercilessly killed by the Boogeyman, who uses their fear as means of torturing and killing them.

Mark is killed in the dark and dissected. Paul is killed when he accidentally puts a cockroach in his mouth and is forced to drink the cleaning solution he uses. Gloria goes missing and is later found dead. Alison has to tear her arms open to get out maggots that have eaten their way into them. Darren has his chest painfully opened and his heart removed. Dr. Ryan is left in the basement, mumbling and staring at open space. Nicky is injected with tubes, pumping her full of bile until she explodes.

While searching for answers, Laura discovers a file in Dr. Allen's office, which is filled will past victims of bogyphobia that he treated (One page reveals that Tim Jensen, the main character of the previous movie, committed suicide sometime afterwards under the care of Dr. Allen). The page revealed the other victims witnessed or killed their loved one, but believed it to be the Boogeyman. Thus, he believes she is a victim of the same mental illness. Laura's brother is revealed to be the killer. After Dr. Allen forced him to face his fear when in the institution, Henry went insane, or seemingly became possessed the actual Boogeyman and wanted revenge on Dr. Allen. Laura then runs away but then kills her brother by stabbing him in the throat with hedge clippers. But when the police arrive, they discover that behind the boogeyman mask was Dr. Jessica Ryan. Laura thinks back to what could have happened. Henry must have put the mask on Jessica after Laura discovers its him. Going through a mental breakdown when she realizes her brother excaped, Laura is dragged away by the police.


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