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Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (Film)

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Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (Film)

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers is the 1989 sequel to the popular horror film, Halloween 4. It was directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard and starred Donald Pleasence, who again portrayed Dr. Sam Loomis. The original music score was composed by Alan Howarth. The film was marketed with the tagline "Michael lives. And this time they're ready!"


The film begins with a recap of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, in which Michael Myers is shown being shot at and falling into a mine shaft. Michael, however, finds a way out and stumbles into a nearby river. He makes his way into a small shack by the river owned by a local hermit (Harper Roisman). Once there, Michael collapses and remains in a comatose state for a full year. On October 30, 1989, Michael awakens, kills the hermit, and returns to terrorize Haddonfield, where his young niece, Jamie Lloyd (played by Danielle Harris) continues to live after nearly being killed by Michael the year before.

Jamie has been mute since attacking her foster mother at the end of film 4, but exhibits signs of a telepathic link with her evil uncle. Dr. Sam Loomis realizes that this link exists, and plans to use it to put an end to Michael's reign of terror. Michael begins stalking Rachel (Jamie's foster sister) and her friend Tina (played by Wendy Kaplan). After both are killed Jamie agrees to put herself in danger to help Loomis stop Michael for good. With Jamie's help, Loomis lures Michael back to the old Myers house.

Michael makes many attempts at killing Jamie, finally getting the chance to in the attic. In a desperate move, Jamie tries appealing to Michael's humanity by calling him "Uncle". Myers pauses, prompting Jamie to ask to see his face. He takes off his mask, and a lone tear runs down his face. Jamie reaches up to wipe it away, and Michael is thrown into a rage. The killer pursues Jamie, who runs into Loomis. The doctor seems to turn on the girl as he shouts for Michael to come and take her. It turns out that he has used the girl as bait, thus leading Michael to walk beneath a heavy chain net. Once the net falls, Dr. Loomis fires two ineffectual shots from a tranquilizer gun, causing him to violently beat Michael with a wooden plank. They take Michael to the local sheriff's station, while it is explained because Michael is too violent and insane, the sheriff's department contacted the US National Guard to escort Michael to a maximum-security military prison. However, a mysterious stranger dressed in all black, has come to Haddonfield, and while Jamie sits in a patrol car outside, the stranger causes an explosion. Jamie walks through the station finding the bodies of the eight machine gunned officers. She goes over to Michael's holding cell to discover that it's empty, with the bars bent open. As Jamie sobs realizing Myers is once again able to get her, she screams "No... No!" The scene then goes black.


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