Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catacombs (Film)

----Haunted Six----

They say that Paris is the "City Of Lovers" but some say it is the "City Of Mass Grave". The Catacombs of Paris, an underground maze of abandoned tunnels and chambers which created one of the world's largest public mass graves.

The Catacombs Of Paris inspired the movie "Catacombs". Catacombs is a 2007 horror film starring singer Pink (under her given name of Alecia Moore) and Shannyn Sossamon. Set in the Paris Catacombs it is about a young woman trying to find her way out while being pursued by a killer. It is the first original movie from FEARnet by collaborating with Lions Gate Entertainment.

The Plot of Catacombs

Victoria (Shannyn Sossamon) receives an invitation from her sister Carolyn (Alecia Moore The first line of the film is a voice over from her saying "My sister, Carolyn, sent me a postcard that said 'Come to Paris. It'll do you good.' Within 24 hours of arriving, everyone I had known or met was dead." Victoria arrives in Paris and is picked up by Carolyn and taken to her apartment. Victoria is disturbed by the apartment at first and is very uncomfortable, especially when Carolyn's friend scares her with a mask. After settling in, the two sisters go for a tour of Paris and a little shopping. During a break Carolyn tells Victoria about a secret rave that takes place in the Paris Catacombs and wants her to come that night.

The sisters arrive at an entrance to the catacombs where there is a long line of people; however, Carolyn is friends with the bouncer and they are allowed in without waiting. Carolyn is given two flashlights and a map to the rave and they arrive to hear the introduction by the host Jean-Michel (Mihai Stanescu). During the rave, Victoria begins to feel dizzy and needs water for her medication. After not receiving service at the bar, Jean-Michel takes her to his private room, where Carolyn already is.

Victoria, Carolyn, Jean-Michel and his group laugh while drinking. Jean-Michel then tells Victoria the myth of a killer living in the catacombs. Raised by a Satanic Cult, the demon "Antichrist" feeds on people who get lost in the Catacombs and has lived there for many years. Most of the guys laugh at the story as being a joke and decide to go skinny dipping. However Victoria does not want to join them and decides to find her way back to the rave.

In the catacombs, Victoria gets lost until Carolyn finds her and scolds her for running off. The sisters then attempt to find their way back to the rave, when out in the darkness someone grabs Carolyn and drags her off. Victoria panics and finds Carolyn on the floor dead. Then a man in a goat mask begins to chase Victoria. She runs in terror and finds shelter in a storage room. However, the man starts a generator and it appears that the storage room is its home. Victoria finds a way out and heads to where she can hear the rave, crawling through a wall made of bones.

At the rave she finds Carolyn's friends but then the Police arrive and interrupt the party. Victoria is dragged off in a crowd of running mobs and bumps her head against a short doorway. She later wakes up to find the herself in the catacombs abandoned and alone. She later on finds this man named Henry and he helps her out because he has a map. But every exit they come to is blocked and they can't get through. Later on Henry falls through the floor, Victoria tries to help him but eventually gives up, leaving him in the dark to die. She snatches the map and goes on her own. She finds an exit with a screen door and looks through it. And something bangs on the door and scares her and she starts running. Then the "Antichrist" chases after her and she hides under a pool of water kind of like a grotto. After the "Antichrist" is gone she runs for her life. She hides behind a wall with a mining pick she found earlier. She hears someone or something approaching and she turns around and drills through the wall with the pick.

Shortly after, Carolyn and all of her friends show up and tell Victoria it was all just a prank. Carolyn's friend, Hugo, had a bloodied-up goat's head mask and he was acting as the Antichrist in the mask. They wonder why Victoria keeps crying. Then, they see Jean-Michel laying dead on the ground. Carolyn then starts yelling and cussing at Victoria. Victoria, tired of the yelling, cussing, and mentally insane from absinthe, kills Carolyn and her friends with the pick. She then escapes from the catacombs where Carolyn and her friends came in. She walks towards a taxi covered in blood with everyone from the streets of Paris staring at her. She slowly gets into the taxi and asks the driver to take her to the airport, as she voices over the same line from the beginning.


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