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Final Destination 3 (2006 Film)

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Final Destination 3 (2006 Film)

Final Destination 3 is a 2006 interactive supernatural thriller, and the third film in the Final Destination series and the last film in the series distributed by New Line Cinema, the film was directed and written by James Wong, who co-wrote and directed the original, and was produced by Craig Perry. The film was originally scheduled for release on February 24, 2006, however the date was moved to two weeks earlier, February 10.


The movie opens with Wendy, a soon-to-be graduate from McKinley High School, visiting a theme park with friends. The group boards a roller coaster, and Wendy has a premonition that the coaster will crash, killing everyone. She wakes up from this premonition, still in the coaster, and demands to be let off. The attendant frees all the seats in the rear car, and when the coaster leaves the station, it crashes as predicted, killing her boyfriend and her best friend in it.

Soon, Wendy realizes that the people who survived are now dying in the order in which they died on the roller coaster, and she tries to prevent further deaths after discovering a link to how the person will die. Her best friend's boyfriend, Kevin Fischer, helps Wendy to try and stop the deaths and cheat Death once more.

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