Friday, June 12, 2009

First Wife of Adam is not Eve

---Haunted Six--

Who is she?


She is Lilith.

She was created like Adam not like Eve that was taken from the ribs of Adam.

Lilith and Adam were made from the SAME dust. And They were said to be the first couple.

Adam and Lilith were equal in everything.

NO Male domination.
NO Female domination.

Lilith separated her way.
She was given a chance to come back in Heaven.
But she chose to die 100 children to be a demon.


Adam and Eve and Lilith

Adam was alone. So God created Eve.
He took Adam's rib and Eve was made.

Then, Adam dominated over Eve because she
was only taken from his rib.

Unlike Lilith that is created with the same dust as Adam.


  1. Beautiful pictures and interesting topics. I enjoyed my visit.

  2. I was always so fascinated by the idea of Lilith; this was great because it really is so simple and stunning!

  3. Very unique blog. Keep posting.

  4. Interesting story. It is forcing me to read more about Adam, Eve n Lilith. ;-). You have interesting topics.