Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Location of "Moon Hoax"

---Haunted Six--

The Area 51 is Moon Hoax Location?

area 51,crater

This Area 51 is shot from Russian Spy Satellite.

area 51,moon,crater

The crater in left was a Moon crater shot from Apollo 10 and the picture in right
was an Area 51 crater.

Many believed that Area 51, top secret and guarded military base, is the place where the said "Moon Hoax" was shot.

The compared crater was one of proofs claimed by other conspiracy theorist.

"It has a stark beauty all its own.
It's like much of the high desert of the United States"
--from Apollo Astronaut--

Does this astronaut who said that slipped his tongue?
Or he gave a clue about their location?


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