Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Moon Landing is a Hoax: The Radiation

---Haunted Six--

The Moon Landing is Hoax?

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"If you can't MAKE IT, FAKE IT"
--Bill Kaysing--

Here's another evidence. THE RADIATION.


October 4, 1957...
Soviet Union sent "The world's First Artificial Satellite into Orbit"

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Why the Soviets didn't attempt to LAND ON MOON?


According to Boris Valentinovich Volinov, Soviet Union's Chief Cosmonaut, THE RADIATION is a BIG FACTOR that they don't attempt to send a man on moon. They are worried about the SAFETY of their men. And they abandoned their plans to go to the moon.

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Too much RADIATION can cause some diseases that may lead into death.
Some physicists said that we need SIX (6) FEET OF PROTECTION against the radiation in the outer space.


But how could these astronaut suit made up of thin aluminum sheets can do with SIX (6) FEET OF PROTECTION against the RADIATION?

Investigators said it is because the Apollo Moon Landing was done here on EARTH.


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