Friday, May 15, 2009

Earth is the only home of being?

---Haunted Six--

Do you Think that the EARTH is the only Place where we can find LIVING BEINGS?

This is just my point of view.

"The Sun (Latin: Sol), a yellow dwarf, is the STAR at the center of the Solar System (Wikipedia)" So SUN is a STAR.
"On a clear, moonless night about 3,000 stars are visible with the unaided eye. A small telescope will increase the number to around 100,000 stars. But this is just the beginning! The stars we can easily see are all in our corner of the Milky Way Galaxy. The entire galaxy numbers about 100 billion stars. And beyond the Milky Way are other galaxies with many shapes and sizes. Around 100 billion such galaxies are known to exist." From:
"Astronomers estimate that there are at least 70 sextillion stars in the known universe, that is 70 000 000 000 000 000 000 000, or 230 billion times as much as the 300 billion in the Milky Way, the our own galaxy."
So there are BILLIONS and BILLIONS of STARS or even more? Right? We don't know what is the definite count.

"An extrasolar planet, or exoplanet, is a planet beyond our Solar System, orbiting a star other than our Sun. As of April 2009, 347 exoplanets are listed in the Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia.[1] The vast majority have been detected through radial velocity observations and other indirect methods rather than actual imaging. Most announced exoplanets are massive gas giant planets thought to resemble Jupiter, but this is a selection effect due to limitations in detection technology. Projections based on recent detections of much smaller worlds suggest that lightweight, rocky planets will eventually be found to outnumber extrasolar gas giants." From: Wkipedia
Therefore we have lots of planets in our universe. EARTH is just less than 0.01% in the estimated number of the total planets. So, is there a possibility that in billions of those planets, EARTH is not the only home of beings? Yes, i think so. But, when I share this opinion, I got a feedback that If there would be a place like EARTH where do OTHER BEINGS exist, why they don't contact us in the internet and say "Hey, we are here". Huh? Do the beings I said pertains only to human that surfs the internet? The BEINGS I pertain to are LIVING BEINGS. Do plants surfed the internet? Do animals except us surfed the internet? Well, it is just my opinion. We all have our own opinion. And our opinions may have similarities at some point but the whole package of it is still different.

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